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Friday, April 16, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist on Princess Madeleine of Sweden: "You can say that we are friends"

NEW YORK. Love Crisis with Jonas Bergström was too much for Princess Madeleine. Now she travels to New York.
Where she gets the support of his unknown networks - including the hockey star Henrik Lundqvist.
- You can say that we are friends, "he says.
After Aftonbladet's disclosure that Madeleine and Jonas is not getting married this year, leaving the Princess to Sweden for New York. There, her official mission to work with the organization World Childhood Foundation - Queen Silvia foundation for the vulnerable children.
But the trip to the United States is also an escape from the ongoing crisis of love.
- Madeleine is completely destroyed by what is written. She does not want anyone to know how hard it is and think it's nice to go away, "says a friend.
And New York is one of Madeleine's favorite places where she wants to remain anonymous. She can move relatively freely and often go there on vacation.
"She is nice"
In 2006 Madeleine lived there as well with Jonas for over half a year. Over the years, the Princess also built up a large network in New York. One of his friends are hockey star Henrik Lundqvist.
- They have known each other for a few years and last year was supported by Henry Madeleine when she visited New York. Then it was too shaky between her and Jonas, "says a friend.
Madeleine Henry met through mutual friends.
- She is nice. But I will not be here. Everything hangs on the World Cup and how I post planning. Last we met was at a charity event and I know it is not anything scheduled for spring, "he says.
- I think that her closer friends are there when it's tough.
Several cache
Madeleine has several hiding places where she can take refuge when she wants to be in peace
in New York. Either she stays with friends or visit the exclusive members clubs in Manhattan.
While the princess will travel to the U.S. Jonas staying at home in Sweden and is continuing with its work at the prestigious law firm Vinge.
- I do not think he will visit Madeleine in New York. She has not said anything about it anyway, "says a friend.


  1. your english is not very good!

  2. I didn't write this. It came from Google Translate. I don't speak or understand Swedish.

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